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Beyond Borders

“Beyond Borders” - In a time full of military conflicts and political tensions, music can build bridges that create connections beyond borders and bring musicians from all over the world together. Music can thus set an example and show that international collaboration “beyond all borders” is not only possible, but productive, enriching and valuable. “Beyond Borders” is a project that does exactly that: seven musicians from Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy and France have come together to engage in an artistic dialogue, to exchange musically and to bring together their individual artistic styles and cultural backgrounds to create something completely new and magical. From this encounter and the interaction of the musical diversity and individuality of the individual musicians of “Beyond Borders” arises the unique and multifaceted sound body of the ensemble. With its music, “Beyond Borders” shows how enriching international artistic exchange and synergy can be, and demonstrates that international dialogue and peaceful cooperation can be successful.​


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